Adult Language Difficulties

Services for Adults

AdultsIs your communication causing you problems at work or in relationships?

You may have a specific difficulty with understanding and using spoken language.

  • Maybe you already know you have speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) or a Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) – see RADLD for more information.
  • Perhaps you wonder if you have difficulties in this area that have not yet been discovered.
  • You may also have literacy difficulties or dyslexia.

How we can work together:

As well as individual speech and language therapy I can work with you in these ways:

Support Groups
You could join one of my small groups to share experiences with people with similar difficulties.
Together we can practise effective ways of explaining your language difficulties to others. We can work towards getting you the reasonable adjustments you are entitled to in Work or Education.

Advocacy Service
Sometimes it’s still hard to explain to other people how your communication difficulties affect you and how they can help.
I can be there as a bridge to help you get your message across to:

  • Employers and colleagues
  • Health professionals / support services
  • Teachers / tutors
  • Family and friends